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About Tawny Goods

Based in Los Angeles, Tawny Goods is a California inspired goods brand. At the crux of form and function, our minimally inspired shoes and products evoke effortless, timeless style built to last.


Chukka Patina

Our History 

We started as a couple of custom pairs of shoes stuffed into luggage, by two friends who shared a passion for craftsmanship and quality. At the time, we were living abroad, having had the good fortune of meeting some supremely talented shoemakers throughout our travels. As time went on, we noticed how well our shoes began to age, and how the patina told the story of our adventures.

Over time, our desire to produce the best leather shoes we could brought us to Leon, Mexico, where we built strong, personal relationships with the best leather tanners and shoemakers, crafted our own designs, and began preparing for what you now see as Tawny Goods. There's no secret sauce, no special tricks. We make things we would want to wear, products of which we’re proud. Our commitment to quality and approachability drives everything that you see at Tawny Goods, with simplicity and unity of vision that we feel speaks through the products we make.

 Why Leon?

All Tawny Goods footwear is produced in Leon, located at the heart of Mexico. Founded originally by cattle farmers, Leon is known primarily for producing some of the highest quality leather and footwear in the western hemisphere, and is recognized the world over. In fact, a sign hangs above the city as you enter from the airport, declaring Leon the center for all things leather and footwear, and in the center of the city is La Zona Piel ("The Leather Zone"). 

As you drive the streets of Leon, you don't see statues erected to great leaders, but instead the working class, as they depict what tanning hides was like centuries ago.

Leatherworking and bootmaking are part of the culture of Leon, and for that reason, we knew there would be no better place to set up shop. Our partners in Leon have been making leather boots for four generations.